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Hi Hat Festival - Szczecinek, Poland

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be playing the second Hi-Hat Festival in Szczecinek, Poland, on the 25th July! The festival is an ‘Arts Picnic’ of sorts, with all kinds of events and musical acts from all around the world! Would be great to see you all there, but we know, we know….¬† why you can’t leave the country. Those cows will never be the same again. Anyway, we’ll send you all a nice postcard and some pictures of us eating sausages.

Back in the studio…

Roundhouse Radio!

An Encounter With The Knievel Dead

We left the north, we travelled south…

…London that is, and I think, amazingly, will be our first gig south of the river! What’s it like down there? Be there monsters? Do people walk on their heads and do hamburgers eat people? Did Prince Charles once punch a badger in the face down there? I hear it’s the origin of the pub toilet reach around? Or was it the first place anyone said the word ‘Geezer’. And didn’t Keith Chegwin used to sleep naked in bushes in Clapham Common? The place is full of urban legends.

Despite all that, we’re playing at The Windmill in Brixton on Tuesday 3rd June for the fantastical Chamber Club https://www.facebook.com/Chamberclub. It’s a pretty big deal for us in Kamp Knievel, so we’d love to share it with you and your attention.

P.S. There’s a dog on the roof. Trust.

Also, If you ain’t ‘liked’ us by now, will you never never never ‘like’ us? oooOOOOooo www.facebook.com/theknieveldead



The Knievel Dead are a gloomy haunted malaise of harmonious sound waves created by a darkly dressed quartet from the depths of Old London Town.


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